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Multi-ethnic surgeons operating in emergency room

Medical Solutions

足彩外围网站 offers a variety of nonwoven fabrics for medical applications ranging from face masks to surgical tape.

doctors in gown and face masks performing surgery

Medical Apparel

We provide medical apparel that is highly comfortable to wear and fulfills international product norms, minimizing the risk of infections.

young girl getting a band aid on her arm

Wound Care

With 足彩外围网站’s multilayered nonwoven fabrics you are able to customize absorbency and retention to support a faster healing process.

doctor checking on her patient

Medical Specialties

Make the best use of the versatility of Sontara®.

Medical protective face masks on white surface

Medical Face Masks

足彩外围网站 nonwoven solutions provide versatility and comfort in a variety of specialized single- and multi-layered fabrics.

test strips on a white background

Diagnostic Strips

Our high purity, non-reactive substrate provides excellent reagent retention.